The Patriot Jr. or PJR - Customized mobile spray foam cart for both full spray and bead applications. It utilized 15 gallon drums, bag-in-a-box, 5 gallon jugs, and a newly available attachment to allow for 50 gallon drums. Designed by Panther East / Amped Equipment to provide a faster, more efficient, and more affordable mobile spray system than the competition. The PJR is lightweight, versatile, and more productive than most applicators and other sprayers of its kind. Quick clean up and very reliable for any size job. For more detailed information contact CRS 810.662.4056 or

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Equipment/Application Options

Equipment Equipment Cost Application Rate Gal/Min Adhesive Packaging Options
Predator $34,000 1.8 50 and 15 gal. drums
Patriot Jr. $12,500 1.5 15 gal. drums, BIB, 5 gal. jugs
Pace Cart $6,000 0.5 15 gal. drums, BIB, 5 gal. jugs
Dual Tanks $0 0.8 Self-Contained
Dual Cartridges $8,000 0.3 Self-Contained

Bag in box — 15 Gallon Drum Comparison

MFR Adhesive Bag-in-Box 15 Gallon Drums Cost Savings
$400 per set (10 gal) $960 per set (30 gal)
$40 per gallon $32 per gallon $8 per gallon
20 sq/set 60 sq/set 2 sq/gal = $4 per sq