Building Owner Services

We at Commercial Roofing Specialists know that effective building inventory management is critical to lowering the lifecycle cost of your roofing system. We’ll assist you with constructing a strategic budget for your roofing portfolio, thus minimizing the likelihood of unforeseen and potentially costly expenses. CRS is the official representative for Carlisle SynTec Systems in Michigan; our team will help you ensure proper roof maintenance and keep you informed of available warranty enhancements to extend the life of your roof. Our online warranty management portal provides a convenient, easy-to-use system for keeping track of your entire roofing portfolio.

Commercial Roofing Specialists’ support staff can assist with:

  • Evaluation of system performance—even after the warranty has expired

  • Warranty maintenance and status inquiries

  • Local applicator recommendations and selections

  • Access to Carlisle’s network of consultant partners as requested

  • Roof repair and restoration management

For more information about Building Owner Services and Commercial Roofing Specialists, email or call us at (810) 662-4056.

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