energy efficiency

Building owners across Michigan are taking steps to improve their facilities’ energy efficiency in order to reduce operating costs and improve their bottom lines. Commercial Roofing Specialists’ Market Segments team is well-positioned to help building owners navigate the complex landscape of incentives offered by the government and utility companies for above-code design and reduced energy consumption. By identifying applicable incentive programs, CRS can assist building owners with subsidizing their initial capital investments while reducing long-term energy expenditure.

As Michigan’s Carlisle SynTec Systems representative, we are able to utilize Carlisle’s Roof$ense™ program to help countless specifiers, building owners, and roofing professionals optimize their roof systems. This in turn will improve ROI and operating efficiency. Commercial Roofing Specialists’ team can help you utilize this powerful tool to identify and subsidize initial capital outflow.

CRS’ Market Segments Team can assist with:

  • Identifying and applying for regional energy efficiency incentives and rebates

  • Conducting a Roof$ense™ comparative analysis of roofing systems to determine:

    • Energy-savings potential of system design

    • ROI and payback analysis

    • Summary of environmental benefits

For more information about Energy Efficiency and Commercial Roofing Specialists, email or call us at (810) 662-4056.

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