Commercial Roofing Specialists recognizes that industrial manufacturing facilities require roofing systems that ensure the protection and optimal performance of the equipment and assets housed within. CRS’ Michigan team understands these specialized requirements. Our roof systems have been installed on tens of thousands of manufacturing facilities, covering hundreds of millions of square feet, so there’s no roofing challenge without a Commercial Roofing Specialists solution.

Commercial Roofing Specialists’ Market Segments team can assist with the selection of:

  • Highly puncture-resistant, durable materials that promote a moisture-free environment

  • Long-term performance warranties, including advanced wind speed and hail coverage if applicable

  • Re-roof and re-cover options to minimize or eliminate operational downtime

  • Products and systems that can increase your facility’s energy efficiency

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly options, such as low-VOC adhesives

For more information about Manufacturing and Commercial Roofing Specialists, email or call us at (810) 662-4056.