Retailers across Michigan are striving to reduce operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and minimize risks associated with maintaining their properties. Commercial Roofing Specialists’ team holds unparalleled experience in assisting building owners with these initiatives, specifically as they relate to commercial roofing systems. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with establishing cost effective, long-term solutions that integrate seamlessly into a wide range of design requirements. CRS’ dedicated Market Segment account managers work together with your construction, design, and facility teams to ensure durable and sustainable roofing systems are matched with your portfolio size, location, current condition, and budget requirements.

Commercial Roofing Specialists’ team is experienced in assisting with:

  • Nationwide authorized contractor referrals

  • Energy-efficient, sustainable, and green building standards

  • Manufacturer-backed total system warranty support services

  • Basis of design, prototype model, and specifier/consultant collaboration

For more information about Retail and Commercial Roofing Specialists, email or call us at (810) 662-4056.